• Client G Japan/PV Developer

    They redeveloped properties that seemed unsellable and expanded new sales channels. I would like to continue working together as a partner.

    Client F Japan/real estate

    Not only will they openly convey the problems that our company has, but they will also prepare concrete solutions and work together to expand our business.They are reliable.

  • Thanks to the complicated ordinances and laws related to development that were explained in an easy-to-understand manner, the abilities of employees improved and the team strength improved. Development DD power, knowledge, and explanation power are the best in the industry.

    I was in a rural area and couldn’t collect information, but thanks to KED, information on excellent properties has become available at any time. I bought the property at first glance last month, but I am very satisfied.

  • Client C EU/PV EPC

    The cost of the rod was very high and I was worried, but I was relieved to meet KED in person and hear about the specific business plan. In addition, thanks to smooth work operations, extra labor costs and expenses have been reduced and the business has been streamlined.

    Not only did he persuade the landowner, who seemed unrealizable with his extremely tough bargaining ability, but he also led many excellent local companies, and the debt property suddenly turned into an excellent property. I would like to ask you in the future.

  • Clients B EU/PV Developer

    Thanks to market research in China and Taiwan and the ability to collect unique route projects, we were able to successfully advance in spite of the unstable national situation. They are our indispensable partners.